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Catzen Forensic Builds a Successful Business with Guidance Software and EnCase

Catzen has been involved in the IT field since 1986. As he gradually moved into digital forensics, he noticed that EnCase® was the predominant product used by forensics investigators. “It became very clear to me that EnCase was the standard. It is widely accepted by the forensic community – this is what the police were using as well as the other forensic investigators and agencies,” Catzen explains. Click here for the full article.

Stolen Documents Deleted / Financial Information Secure

A large financial services company claimed an employee removed sensitive documents upon their departure. Once located, Catzen forensically delete them from multiple systems and the financial services company’s sensitive information was safe.

Medical Malpractice Defense Secured

A pain management practice was accused of manipulating patient records after the filing of a law suit. Through imaging, analysis of multiple computers and access to the practices’ hosted medical records system, Catzen Forensic located the missing documents.