In addition to Forensic Analysis, Forensic Data Acquisition, and Mobile Device Forensics, Catzen Forensic offers…..

Litigation Support

As attorneys prepare cases to go to discovery,  Catzen Forensic can provide guidance as to what can and cannot be recovered.  We accurately set expectations as to the amount and quality of evidence that can be garnered from phone records, geotags, home computers, etc. and how to best utilize technology to the client’s advantage.

Expert Witness Testimony

Catzen takes gathering evidence to the next level – explaining to thecourt exactly what data was collected and how it was validated.  Skilled at explaining complex methods in layman’s terms, utilizing Catzen Forensic as an expert witness could make or break a case.

Incident Response

Quick action when you suspect your intellectual property may be at risk can mean the difference between a quick recovery and a devastating disaster. Incidents and invasions involving confidential information about your business, customers or employees are increasing. Catzen Forensic will insure a planned and thorough reaction to any such threat.


Capturing all the digital data is critical when a business finds itself involved in legal matter like intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, or some other incident that may involve litigation. With computers as  the key component in the discovery, collection, preservation and production of evidence, an expert in data collection is necessary, often saving your business money and improving your chances for success.

Catzen Forensic does data collection for national ESI companies as well as ESI processing for smaller data volumes. Collections can be done on-site or remotely.

System Failure Analysis

Even the most reliable computers systems sometimes fail putting your business is at risk for litigation. Proper investigation analysis by Catzen when these unfortunate incidents occur protects your company and minimizes your risk.  Digital forensics can save the day.

Social Media Forensics

Facebook, Linked, In, Instagram, Pinterest”¦..and the list goes on. Social media will continue to grow and change constantly. Catzen Forensic has the expertise to  scour  the cloud to find and capture information that is  important to legal firms as well as to companies screening applicants.

Data Recovery

Accidents happen – at some point every business has something go wrong and essential data is lost. Or even worse, someone intentionally destroyed information. No need to panic; Catzen Forensic utilizes the most recent technology to recover data in a rapid and cost effective way.  Areas of expertise include: blue screen of death, hard drive failures, RAID failures, virus contaminations, and deleted files.

Data Destruction

There are times when you actually do need data destroyed.  It takes significant effort beyond hitting the delete button. Catzen Forensic will insure your information does not fall into the wrong hands.