Blazer Catzen President Catzen ForensicBlazer Catzen has over 20 years of forensics and IT consulting expertise. Catzen Forensics & Catzen Computer Consulting Corporation, founded in 2008, is a recognized leader in forensic and technology consulting offering nationwide service to law firms, government agencies, regulators, corporations, schools, universities, and hospitals.

Catzen Forensics provides services that include forensic examination of hard drives, data recovery services, forensic imaging of drives, reconstruction of NTFS and FAT file systems, cell phone\smartphone forensics, eDiscovery, network intrusion investigation and analysis. Prior to that Catzen founded Cape Computing Corp. in 1991 provided infrastructure management and software development services.

Our Experience and Training:

Catzen’s forensic analysis expertise has been used in cases of medical malpractice, ECPA violations, insurance fraud, document fraud, Network intrusions, and IP theft.  Blazer has testified and been deposed as an expert witness on multiple civil cases. In addition Blazer is a frequent guest speaker at educational conferences focused on issues of digital forensics and document forgery detection.

Our Clients:

Our skills, knowledge and tools have been successfully deployed to recover and protect data for lawyers, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, research facilities, schools as well as individuals. We serve clients in the mid-Atlantic region, including Towson, Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, York, PA, and nationwide. For more information, click these links: projects and testimonials.